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Photography is the way we tell the stories of our lives, our cultures, our histories, our hopes, and our dreams. Photographs capture our most intimate moments as individuals, as well as our most poignant moments as a nation and world. Whether the image is a family reunion from decades ago, a shot of the proud Titanic leaving the dock for her first and final voyage or the joy of a championship athletic team, our photos of these events are what we remember. We share these across a wide variety of media platforms. In our homes, at our offices, in our cars, and on our phones, we display photos of our lives. At a University, our photos are a critical part of how we share our brand, our mission, and our success with our stakeholders.

Since February 2020, I have served as a full-time photographer at Auburn University.  Daily, I have helped tell the AU story and have captured the images of a major institution of higher education.  My work at Auburn has appeared in the University’s various publications and social media.  That work has included photographing several University commencements and managing the COVID-related issues which affected these.  One of my first photographs at Auburn University was selected for use by the Washington Post—another example of how our photos help build the brand and tell the story of who we are.


My journey as a professional photographer really began before I was born, with a grandfather who always had a camera in hand when he traveled.  I won a photography award before I was out of high school and was competing regularly in local and regional competitions by the time I was in college.  I graduated from Troy University with a specialized major in Design, Technology, and Industry with a concentration in photography.  While at Troy University, I was employed with the Office of Media Relations as a student photographer, first as an unpaid stringer and then as a paid student worker for three years. I helped capture both the daily and the special, moments of the institution. I became a tutor and mentor during the time that I was a photography lab assistant in the Department of Art and Design. Here I honed my own technical skills and assisted other students who had started on their own paths as photographers.

I have been a compensated photographer, either part-time or full-time, for nine years. I have been a full-time photographer in the Office of Communication and Marketing at Auburn University since February 2020.  Additionally, since I graduated from Troy University in December 2015, I have been a professional business owner with my company Jonah Enfinger Photography.  My clients ranged from city government officials to local, state, and national media as well as individuals and companies which understood, and sought, the value of the visual.  

I am an award-winning photographer, securing both gold and silver Addy Awards and multiple recognitions in various exhibits. While managing my own business, my work appeared in university magazines, websites, and athletic pages. I was published in regional newspapers, and nationally through such groups as International Sports, Boxscore News, Southeast Tennessee Tourism Association, Photo Pills, the National Weather Service and Only in Alabama.

It’s my privilege to capture the moments that matter.  It’s why I take my camera in hand everywhere I go.

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